Bramhashram (Canto 73)

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Bramhashram (Canto 73)

Once Brahma and Vishnu were embroiled in an argument as to who was greater than whom. Suddenly a visionary Shivlinga appeared along with Shankar. Shankar said the one who can see either the top or bottom of this Shivling is the greatest of two.

Bramha mounted on a Swan and started looking for the top while Vishnu mounted on Varaha (boar) and went in search of the bottom. During this flight, Bhramadev encountered a screw pine (Kevada or Ketaki, Schrub with fragrant flowers) which had fallen from the forehead of the visionary Linga. Bramhadev asked him, “Have you seen the top of the Linga?” Kevada replied, “I was there for quite some time but still I have not seen the uppermost part of the Shivling”. Bramhadev corrupted him and asked him to be a false witness. Kevada willingly accepted the offer. Rejoiced Bramhadev came down in front of Shiva. By this time Vishnu had also returned. Vishnu said honestly, that he had tried a lot but could not see the bottom. Now was Bramhadev’s turn. He lied and bragged that he had successfully seen the top. In support of his statement, he produced Kevada as his witness. Shankar realised the lie and cursed Bramhadev that he being a liar, he shall not be worshipped. Shankar banned Kevada from the list of items used for his prayer. This did not calm him down and he was scorching in anger. This anger gave birth to Kal Bhairav . Shankar ordered Kal Bhairav to cut the upper head of Bramhadev. Kal Bhairav executed the order.

Bramhadev regretted his greed for power. He went to one of the peaks of Shata Shrunga facing the sea, built his hermitage, consecrated a Shivlinga and dug a Tirtha Kunda and engaged himself in deep penance. After Tapasya of few Yuga’s Lord Shankar was pleased with his austerity and freed him from his sin.


It is this Shivlinga where worshipers’ sins of deceptions are redeemed and infinite holy deeds are showered on the devotee.