Uma-Mahesh [Canto 113]

Once Jaganmata Parvati got curious to see Gokarna realm. To fulfill her wishes, Lord Shankar, Jaganmata Parvati and Ganas came to Gokarna. They saw Adi Gokarna, Lord Mahabaleshwar Linga, Koti Tirtha, Shatashrunga Mountain, Kameshwar Adhanashini, Ganagavali-Shalmali, Arabian Sea, Gokarna beach, Kudle beach, Om beach, Half moon beach, Paradise beach, hermitages of Sages, innumerable Shivlingas and Tirtha Kundas.

Jaganmata Parvati was not contended by this mere visit. She requested Lord Shankar that she wished to reside in the most revered place for some time. Lord said “whole of Gokarna realm is holy and pious” and he asked her to decide a place of her choice. Jaganmata Parvati preferred a dense forest which was latter on named as Umavana on South-west of Shatashrunga Mountain facing sea. This is the place where Uma and Mahesh resided on the peak, while their Ganas resided on the footsteps of the hill. This is the Tirtha Kunda consecrated by Lord Shankar for Jaganmata Parvati by bringing sanctified water of all the rivers in heaven and from earth. This is the Shivalinga whose half part symbolises Mahesh and other half symbolises Uma, hence named as Uma-Mahesh.