Rudrapad [Canto 92]

Mitrasaha was a king born in solar dynasty. One day he had gone for hunting and he saw a wild demon beast in the dense forest. He slewed the beast. The beast had one brother and enraged by the death he vowed to take revenge. He changed his form, from demon to a human and joined the retinue of Mitrasaha. In a very short span of time he earned total confidence of Mitrasaha.

Once Mitrasaha invited sage Vasishtha to perform obsequies of his dead ancestors. The demon brother got this opportunity, he was waiting for. By now he had become the head of kitchen grocery department. He mixed human flesh in the food. Sage Vasishtha identified the human meat in his food by his supernormal powers and cursed Mitrasaha to become cannibal (Bramha Rakshas). Mitrasaha could not digest the curse of Sage Vasishtha as he was totally ignorant and he was not at all at fault. Vasishtha had 101 sons and furious Mirasaha as cannibal devoured all of them. Because of their accidental death all 101 sons of Sage Vasishtha went to Narakalaya.

Sage Vasishtha desired Moksha (salvation) of his dead sons and so he ordered his disciple Sage Parashar to visit Gokarna realm and to perform penance. Accordingly, Sage Parashar came to Gokarna, constructed a hermitage, consecrated a Shivalinga, dug a Tirtha kunda, in Gokarna realm and engrossed in penance. After thousand’s years of Tapascharya Lord Shankar was pleased by his sincere worship and emerged before him To fulfill his wished left his miniature footprints, on which Parashar performed the death rituals of all 101 sons of Sage Vasishtha and ensured them Moksha. These are the footprints of Lord Shankar called as Rudra Pad. This is a place in Gokarna realm, where by performing obsequies, one can assure Moksha to his 101 generations of ancestors. The temple is on the North-West of Kali-Hruda around three kilo meters.