Kalihruda [Canto 91]

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Kalihruda [Canto 91]

In ancient times there was a kingdom known as Swayambhuva and two gallant demon warriors named Shumbha and Nishumbha were born here. These two brothers had pleased Lord Bramhadev by their severe penance of ten thousand years and received boon of their choice. They were accompanied by one more demon named “Raktabija”. They conquered all the three worlds (Trailokya i.e. Earth, Heaven and Patal). Shumbha became King of Gods. He even acquired Indrapada.

Once Narad Muni, visited Demon Shumbha. He said, oh, Lord of Lords, you have almost everything from Trailokya, except for woman jewel of Gods. Narad Muni described the extremely white skinned feminine beauty of Goddess Chandika. Overwhelmed by jealousy Shumbha sent his messenger to Goddess Chandika.

Goddess told the messenger that due to her childishness she had taken a vow that one who defeats her in a battle shall be her husband and now she can go back on her vow. The messenger tried to tell the Goddess valiant fighting powers of demon Shumbha, his boon and his enormous army. Goddess was firm on her statement and the messenger returned with empty hands.

Enraged Shumbha ordered Raktabija to take his army and to abduct Goddess Chandika as she was not coming willingly. Raktabija tried to abduct Goddess and she ferociously attacked Raktabija and his army. Raktabija was wounded and started bleeding profoundly. But because of his boon his blood kept on creating new demons just like him from his blood drops. Goddess was infuriated by this scene; she became very violent and impetuous.

She opened her fuming mouth and Kalika extensively huge and massive personification of a woman form having thousand hands, full of auspicious weapons and sharp teethes originated. Kalika slew Raktabija and his entire army by her weaponry. She opened her immensely large mouth and ate the dead bodies, blood, flesh and bones of demon Raktabija and his entire army. Happy Gods named this personification of a woman form as Mahakali.   

Enraged Shumbha and Nishumbha attacked the Goddess with their retinue. Mahakali once again slew their entire army. This encounter left no choice but to engross in a direct combat. Lord Bramhadev’s boon protected the demon brothers from men, demons and gods but not from Goddess.

Chandika pierced heart of Nishumba and decapitated him. Shumbha mad with rage fiercely attacked Goddess by continuously changing his forms and appearances. Chandika slew all his four horses, killed his charioteer and broke his bow. Shumbha managed to wound lion-steed of the Goddess and the Goddess lost all her patience, she removed the Sudarshan Chakra and decapitated Shumbha. Thus the Goddess got rid over evil and freed Trailokya.

After the death of Shumbha and Nishumbha, Goddess Kali came to Gokarna realm. Here she cleaned and washed her weaponry and that place is known as “Kalihruda” and engrossed her in deep penance. This is the deity of Mahakali facing South Direction and known as Bhadrakali. Bhadra means wishing good, kali means black.  

This temple is on the main entrance of Gokarna.