Manibhadra [Canto 81]

Manibhadra and Bhootnath were one of the senior most Ganas of Lord Shankar. They heard so many legends of Gokarna realm that they became curious to see it with their own eyes. Both of them took permission of Lord Shankar and rushed to Gokarna. Manibhadra and Bhootnath were astonished to see countless Shivalingas. In fact Bhootnath did not dare to enter the Gokarna realm and hence he formed his hermitage on the outskirts of Gokarna realm. Manibhadra was curious but at the same time afraid that his feet might touch the auspicious Shivalinga. So he preferred to walk on his both hands. Walking on his both hands, he gave many pradakshinas (circumambulations) to Gokarna realm. Ultimately formed his own hermitage on one of the mountains of Shatashrunga and engrossed himself in sever penance standing on his two hands. Lord Shankar pleased by his meditation and worship of ages and ages allowed him to stay in Gokarna realm forever. This is the Manibhadra temple of Gokarna, around one kilo meter away from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple towards the sea.