Krishnashram (Cando 75)

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Krishnashram   ( Cando 75)

In ancient times, there was a mighty and fierce thousand arm demon named Banasur. Almost all kings and Gods had shuddered before Banasura. He had played Mrudunga during Tandav dance of Shankara and by a boon Shankara became his protector. His kingdom was called as Shonitapur. He had a beautiful daughter named Ushadevi. Once she saw a young man in dream and fell in love with him. She became crazy for him. She had a friend called as Chitralekha and she was a talented artist. Looking at painful condition of her friend, Chitralekha kept on drawing portraits of all well known Gods, Siddhas, Yaksha, Gandharvas. She continued with painting of Lord Shri Krishna, Bal Ram, Pradumna and Aniruddha. Ushadevi identified the man in her dream as Aniruddha. Chitralekha used her magical powers and abducted Aniruddha from Shri Krishna’s Palace. Ultimately, Ushadevi’s dream was fulfilled. Aniruddha and Ushadevi married secretly. After some time Banasur realised the treachery of his young daughter. He arrested Aniruddha and made him a prisoner.

Aniruddha’ absence from the palace did not remain a secret for long and everybody tried hard to find him. Their efforts were in vain. One day Narad Muni had come to meet Lord Krishna and he unfolded the secret of Aniruddha’s abduction and imprisonment.

Lord Krishna was well aware that Lord Shankar was the protector of Banasur and it was impossible to win Banasur in a straight war, so he asked Narad Muni a way out. Under the advice of Narad Muni Lord Krishna came to Gokarna. He formed his hermitage near Koti Tirtha, little west of Sage Agastyi’s hermitage and undertook deep penance. It is this place in Gokarna where Lord Krishana received a boon from Lord Shankar that he shall loose in the war with Banasur. It is at this place Lord Shankar warned Shri Krishna that killing Banasur to death was not possible. What was possible was to develop a fear of death in the minds of Banasur by severing his 998 hands in the war.

Lord Krishan followed his instructions. He succeeded in defeating Lord Shankar in war against Banasur. He also severed 998 hands of Banasur. Banasur realised that continuing war was not be in his interest and surrendered before Lord Krisha. He offered hand of his daughter Ushadevi to grandson of Lord Krishna.

The hermitage of Lord Shrikrishna known as Krishnashram in Gokarna realm gives super normal powers to the worshippers and devotees.