Kal Bhairav and Pralhad Ashram [Canto 74]

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Kal Bhairav and Pralhad Ashram   [Canto 74]

No doubt, Kal Bhairav executed the order of Shankar but got the hideous curse of Bramha Hatya (killing a Bramhin). To eradicate this dreadful sin Kal Bhairav visited all the sacred, holy and religious places on earth but the efforts were futile. Exhausted Kal Bhairav requested help from Shankar. Shankar said, “Do not worry, go to Gokarna realm, built your own hermitage on the south side of Koti Tirtha, on the east of Hanuman Temple and engage yourself in penance.

This is the place, where Kal Bhairava worshipped Shankar and succeeded in redeeming the sin of Bramha Hatya. This is the place where a devotee can redeem his sins of highest order. This is Kal Bhairav, protector good and terminator of evil.

On the East of this Kal Bhairav hermitage there is one more spectacular place known as Narsimha Temple. Diti had given birth to a mighty demon called as Hiranyakashyapu. By the boon of Bramhadev he could neither be killed by a Man nor an Animal, neither by God nor Demon, neither during day nor at night, neither inside nor outside. Due to this boon he defeated everyone including Gods and conquered Traiyaloka (Earth, Heaven and Patal). He was an evil King but he had a saintly son called Pralhad. Bhakta Pralhad was a great disciple of Lord Vishnu, with whom Hiranyakashyapu had hatred. The animosity was so intense that when Hiranyakashyapu realised that his son won’t stop chanting the name of Narayan (Another name for Lord Vishnu). Tired of his chanting, he made several attempts to kill his own son. Neither did Hiranyakashyapu succeed in killing his son nor did his son stop chanting the name of Narayan. One day disgusted Hiranyakashyapu challenged Pralhad to show his Narayan. On the request of Bhakta Pralhad, Narayan appeared from a pillar manifested as half man and half lion, Narsimha. He teared Hiranyakashyapu to shreds on the entrance of his home at Dusk and handed over the kingdom to Pralhad.

The entire demon race started telling Pralhad that he had developed a curse known as “Pitru hatya” by killing his own father. Perplexed Pralhad found a solution in the form of Narad Muni who had come to visit him once. Narad Muni said, “Do not worry, there is a place where sins of highest degree can be redeemed and the name of this place is Gokarna.” This is the place, where at the insistence of Narad Muni, Bhakta Pralhad built his hermitage, undertook sever penance, which forced Narsimha to appear once again before him and redeemed his sins.