Ravaneshwar Kubereshwar ( Canto 71)

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Ravaneshwar Kubereshwar ( Canto 71)

On South of Rudra Yoni, was one spiritual forest known as Shelshamatak. Bramhadev’s Manas Putra Pulastya had undertaken a deep penance in this forest. Pulastya had a son, whose name was Vishrawas and Vishrawas had a son named Vaishravan (i.e.Kuber). Kuber undertook a deep penance for pleasing Lord Bramhadev and in boon he received a Pushpak Viman, Lanka in the midst of Sea, Wealth and Immortality. He used to travel in the Pushpak Viman . Once upon a time Kuber had gone to visit his father in Gokarna in Shelshamatakvan. As usual he was flying in the Pushpak Viman.

A Demon named Sumali saw him. Sumali desired wealth of Kuber and he devised a plan with his beautiful daughter Kaikasi to seduce Rishi Vishrawas, Father of Kuber. Accordingly Kaikasi went to Vishrawas and desired progeny. Vishrawas tried to explain her that he was going through a bad phase of life and the new born were likely to turn out to be a fierce Demons (Bramha Rakshash). Kaikasi neglected his words. She insisted and the first son born to them was mighty Ravana with ten heads and ten hands. Second son was yet another monster Kumbhkarna, with largest appetite. Third born was a daughter named Shurpanakha, the one with sharp long nails.

By the time fourth son was born, good times had returned. He was named Bibhishan, i.e. one with pure mind and pure heart. He was very pious. All these brothers went to Gokarna realm for penance. Ravana performed intense penance to Bramhadev which lasted for several thousand years. During this penance, Ravana sacrificed his ten heads by slashing them off. Bramhadev was pleased by his austerity but refused to offer him celestial nectar of immortality; instead he offered him great strength, divine weapons, magical supernatural powers and absolute supremacy over Gods, Demons, Wild Beast and Serpents. Bramhadev also returned his all ten severed heads. It is this Shivlinga consecrated by Bibhishan, prayed by Kumbhakarna and praised by Ravana known as Ravaneshwar.


After this boon Ravana bethroned Kubera and crowned himself as King of Lanka. Out thrown, disgusted Kubera went to meet his father at Gokarna who advised him that one should neither be friend nor foe of rogues and scalawags. He advised him to pray Lord Shiva in Gokarna. It is here in Gokarna, Kubera undertook severe penance of Lord Shankar and earned status of “Lord of Riches, Treasurer of Gods, King of glorious city called Alkapuri, King of Yakshas, Kinnaras and protector of World (Lok-pal)”. The one who wishes wealth should worship this Kubereshwar Linga.