Vinayakashram ( Canto 72)

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Vinayakashram ( Canto 72)

After incinerating Kamdev, Lord Mahadev stopped his penance, asked Parvati to return to her father, Himavat and he himself went to Kailash Mountain. Due to impact of previous life, Young Parvati undertook deep austerity to please Lord Shiva and to fulfill her wish of reuniting with him. By undertaking severe mortifications, by fasting (Nirahar) she surpassed all other ascetics in austerity. Shiva tried to taste her devotion in disguise but unmoved, untouched and unturned Parvati compelled Shiva to marry her. After the marriage the couple went to mountain Kailash, adobe of Shiva.

Taking advantage of this marriage all gods approached Shankar and requested him to return Kamdev. They told Lord Shankar that since the death of Kamdev everybody in the universe had lost sex desire. Shankar said, I am sorry, due to his incineration, Kamdev cannot get his body back but he assured them that now onwards he shall remain in minds of everybody. (Chitta Janma).

The moment Lord completed his proclamation he was attacked by Kamdev and a majestic, noble boy with celestial radiance beauty was borne from the foreheads of Shankar. The boy was named as “Vinayak”. Time lapsed, Vinayak became young. One day Vinayak reached home late in the evening after his play. For a moment Parvati thought that Lord Shiva had returned but in next moment she realised that it was her son Vinayak. Enraged she cursed Vinayak to have dilapidated body (Vikrut Aang).

After some time Lord Shiva came home. He could not recognize the boy and asked Parvati who the boy was? Parvati replied that he was his own son Vinayak. Lord Shiva felt very sorry. He lifted Vinayak, made him sit on his lap, caressed his mouth. He advised Vinayak that it was in his interest not to be angry on his Mother. He said, “If you listen to me, He will offer him a solution. Vinayak agreed. Shankar asked Vinayak to go to Gokarna realm and to construct his own hermitage in Ketaki Ban on the South Side of Rudra Yoni and perform a penance.

This is the place where Vinayak performed penance and made his Parents appear before him. It is this place where he was freed from his Mother’s curse and got his original beautiful form by way of a boon. One can still see the Vikrut Aanga and beautiful Vinayak in this temple at Gokarna. It is at this place where Lord Shiva blessed him that he shall be the Lord and Ruler of troubles (Vighna) and his Army (Ganas). Shankar offered him his trident, Vishnu offered him his beautiful Disc, Kamdev offered him an Arrow, Keshav offered him a Mace, Parvati offered him a Blue Lotus (Nil Kamal), Surya offered him noose(Pash), Kuber offered him Urn full of Jewells, Himalaya offered him a mouse for mounting and he was married to Shakti, Daughter of Vishnu.

It is this place in Gokarna where one can redeem curse/s of mother and accomplish all wishes.