Kapil Tirtha (Canto 67)


During eclipse time everybody was running for dip in Arabian Sea and prayer (darshan) of Lord Mahabalaeshwar. Parvati got curious and asked Lord Shiva, why are these people flooding? Lord said, “For salvation and attaining Swarga”. Astonished Parvati asked “if everybody gets an entry in Swarga, will there be sufficient place left in heaven? Lord said, “Not all shall get an entry in Heaven and I will show you, how. He took a form of a bull and asked Parvati to take form of a cow. Both of them got entangled in a marshy land. They were lowing for help.


Everybody was very busy to ensure that they do not miss the golden opportunity of praying Lord Mahabaleshwar during the eclipse time and nobody cared for the poor animals. Among the crowd was a man named Purukutsu, who jumped in the mud to save these poor animals. Looking at his futile lonely efforts, one more person named as Atreya joined him. Both of them tried very hard but still the task was tough for duo. Third man named Suho, joined them for help.


The trio succeeded in saving the bull and the cow. They washed and cleaned them, they gave them food and water. By then the eclipse time had elapsed and this trio missed the opportunity to worship Lord Mahabaleshwar. Lord Shankar was very pleased with the Trio and along with Jagatmata Parvati appeared in celestial form. These were the only three who reached salvation. Sage built a pond on the place where Shiv and Partvati appeared in the form of bull and cow. The place was named as “ Kapil Tirtha”. This is the Kapil Tirtha of Gokarna, a live example of true bhakti. This place is around four kilo meters from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.