Kameshwar Tirtha [Canto 70 & 72]

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Kameshwar Tirtha [Canto 70 & 72]

Dakshayani was daughter of Daksha Prajapati and his wife Prasuti. Once Daksha arranged a grand Yagnya and invited all Gods except for Shiva and Dakshayani. Dakshayani thought it was an unintended omission and she thought she needed no invitation to visit her father’s house. Shiva tried to dissuade her but in vain. The determined Dakshayani went to attend the ceremony.

King Daksha loathed seeing her on this auspicious occasion. There was a long and heated argument. Daksha highlighted a big list of virtues lacked by Shankar. Dakshayani realised that all the abuse was impugned on Shankar because of their marriage. She thought that she was the cause of dishonor to her husband. Consumed by rage she immolated herself by invoking yogic fire. Since then, this act of loyalty and devotion towards her husband is referred to as Sati.

Shiva was grief stricken due to Death of Sati and he lost his interest in the earthly affairs. He went near to the footsteps of Himalayas and engaged himself in a deep penance.  

Sati was reborn to Himavat and his wife Mena. She was named as Parvati. When she attained womanhood Narad Muni went to Himavat and enlightened him of his daughter’s past birth. Jubilant Himavat went with his wife, son and daughter Parvati to the place where Shankar was meditating. He bowed to Shankar and said, ”Oh My lord! please forgive my late arrival. Due to old age I am encountering difficulties in walking. I am placing my daughter Parvati at your service.” Right from childhood, Parvati worshipped Shankar alone and she was very pleased to be at his service.

God of love (Kamdev-Madan) went to the place where Parvati was engrossed in the service of Lord Shiva. Madan waited and when he saw Shiva and Parvati together he threw an arrow decorated with five different fragrances of flowers. Shankar did not approve the intruder Kamdev, he opened his third eye and instantaneously incinerated Madan to ashes.

For salvation of his sins Madan came to earth thrice but Lord’s Army (Ganas) did not allow him to enter Gokarna realm. Ultimately Madan consecrated a Shivlinga on the outskirts of Gokarna realm and entered in to a deep penance. After thousands of years of meditation Lord Shiva was pleased with him. Shankar dug his trident in the earth and made river Ganga to appear for salvation of sins of Kamdev. This is the river which washed the sins of Kamdev and called as Adhanashini. Adha means sins and Nashini means destructor. The one who destroys sins is known an Adhanashini.

After the boon Shankar generously allowed Kamdev entry in Gokarna realm and gave him a form for prayer. Kamadev made his hermitage near Koti Tirtha, consecrated a Shivlinga, dug a Tirtha Kunda and stated his second inning of penance. Again after thousands of years of Tapascharya Lord Shankar appeared before him along with Parvati and blessed him that the Shivalinga worshipped by him shall always fulfill the desires of the devotees. This is the famous Kameshwar Linga of Gokarna. It is so sacred that till date palanquin of Lord Mahabaleshwar visits Kamdev temple once in a year.