Bhim Kunda [Canto 45]

In Krutayuga a celestial, divine and pious king was born in Viderbha. Inclined towards Vairagya (asceticism), he crowned his son as King and went to Gokarna realm along with his wife. Here as a standard practice, he constructed a hermitage, consecrated a Shiv Linga and developed a Tirtha Kunda.

He along with his wife performed severe penance by ceasing to eat and by reducing his breathing to bare minimum. His Tapasya continued for more than six hundred years. Pleased by his devotion Lord Shiva appeared before him and blessed him and his wife a permanent adobe in heaven. He also exalted “the Tirtha Kunda as Bhimkunda”. He gave a boon that, “one who takes a deep in this Tirthakunda and worships the Shivalinga hence forward to be known as Bhimeshwar Linga shall get absolved of all sins”. This is the current condition of Bhim Kunda and Bhimeshwar Temple.