Ram Tirtha Ram Mandir [Canto 44]

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Ram Tirtha Ram Mandir [Canto 44]

Prabhu Ramchandra killed Ravana and returned to Ayodhya after completing 14 years of exile. On his return, he was crowned as a king of Ayodhya in a dazzling and spectacular coronation ceremony. Eventually he became emperor and ruled with happiness, prosperity, peace and justice.

One day Sage Vasishtha, Sage Agasthi and other Rushi-Munis’ came to visit Prabhu Ramchandra. All of them were curious to know how Ram slew Ravana, Kumbhakarna and other mighty demons. Prabhu Ram suddenly became very emotional while he was narrating the colossal, magical and destructive battle. He said “Ravana and other demons were Bhramin by caste and by virtue of their killings he had encountered a hideous sin known as “Bramha Hatya”. He asked the Sages to find out some way whereby he can redeem this hideous sin.

Great Sage Agasthi, assured him not to worry at all. He Said on South side of the banks of Arabian Sea there is a realm known as “ Gokarna “. Here in Gokarna, there is one place known as “Koti Tirtha”. A devotional deep in Koti Tirtha and worship of “Lord Mahabaleshwar” shall redeem the sin.

Accordingly, Prabhu Ramchandra came to Gokarna accompanied by Sita and brother Laxman. He constructed a hermitage on one of the splendorous peaks of Shatashrunga mountain facing sea. He developed a Tirtha Kunda and revered Lord Mahabaleshwar, till all his sins were washed off and then returned to Ayodhya.

This is the Ram Temple, deities and Ram Kunda at Gokarna realm. This is around one kilo meters away from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.