Durgadevi [Canto 43]

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Durgadevi [Canto 43]

Demon Mahishasur after a severe penance, received a boon from Lord Shiva by virtue of which no man, demon, god, plant and animal could kill him. Thus empowered by the boon, he captured both earth and Heaven. Terrified by his attack, Gods ran away from their celestial regions.

To defeat him Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh created a personification of a Goddess combining their Energies. She was named as Durga.

Durga means the inaccessible, the invisible and the undefeatable. God’s were very pleased by her arrival and gifted her lot of weaponry. Shiva gave her the Trident (Trishul), Vishnu the Disc (Sudarshan Chakra). A conch (Shankar) & a noose was given by Varun, Thunderbolt by Indra, Spear by Agni, Arrows by Wind (Vayu), Axe and Armour by Vishwakarma, Sword & Shield by Yama, Lion by Himavat.

Worshipped by all, Goddess Durga went to battle with Mahishasur. The war continued for nine days. Goddess Durga finished Mahishasur’s whole army. Mahishasur kept on changing forms and on the ninth day Goddess Durga pinned him down to the ground, impaled him with her Trident and beheaded him with her Sword.

After the killing of Mahishasur Goddess Durga came to Gokarna and performed a profound penance on Shatshrung Mountain. Shiv and Vishnu (Hari and Har) were pleased by her penance and offered her Vindhyachal Mountain as her permanent place of residence.

This is the place where Goddess Durga resides in Gokarna realm by one degree and protects her devotees from the evils of the world, simultaneously removing their miseries. This temple is on the way towards Unmajanni Tirtha.