Sumitreshwar ( Canto 39)

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Sumitreshwar (Canto 39)


In the clan of Pulatsya a celestial son was born. He glittered like a Sun due to his radiance knowledge (Vidya). In order to obtain Siddhi, Soumitra came to Gokarna. He engrossed himself in a deep penance on one of the peaks of Shata Shrunga Mountain in Gokarna realm. After ages and ages of penance, Lord Shankar was pleased and promised him that he will reside in the Shivalinga worshipped by him along with Parvati and his aides (Ganas). After this boon, Sage Soumitra continued to live in Gokarna realm.


Those days great sages like Vasishtha, Kashyap, Agasthi, Brugu etc. were worshipping Lord Shiva in Gokarna realm. They wished to bathe in the heavenly river Ganga and wanted to drink water as Tirtha. Celestine as they were, they still lacked the spiritual power to bring river Ganga on earth to fulfill their wishes. After deliberations they realised that it was only the Sage Soumitra who could fulfill their wish.


Accordingly all of them requested Soumitra Rishi. As desired by them Sage Soumitra called upon Lord Shankar. Instantaneously Lord Shankar emerged before him and asked him his wish. Soumitra explained the wish of Sages. Lord Shankar called upon Ganga. She appeared from a place near the Lord’s feet, fulfilled wishes of all the great sages and once again vanished. It is this pious Soumitreshwar Linga of Gokarna, where till date Palanquin of Lord Mahabaleshwar of Gokarna visits once in a year. This is around three and half kilo meters away from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.