Go Garbha [Canto 34]

The story goes behind to Treta Yuga. Most of the earth was ruled by immeasurably powerful cruel kshatirya (warrior clan) King Kartikeya. He was a human incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s celestial weapon, Sudershan Chakra. This mighty King killed Jamadagni, Father of Parshuram. Infuriated by his death Parshuram killed the Kshatriya clan 21 times. After this he undertook a Vishwajeet Yagnya and handed over the Earth to Sage Kashyap.

In the absence of proper Ruler the Earth was in complete disorder. There was loss of religious beliefs. Sins increased, immorality increased, cruelty increased, purity vanished. Her resources were plundered. To find salvation Mother Earth came to Gokarna. She performed penance in a Cave whose shape was like a womb of a cow. Go means Cow and Garbha means womb and that is why the name Gogarbha. It is near to Kamandalu Tirtha. This is the place where Mother Earth was bestowed by Lord Shankar. After the boon, proper law and order situation restored. The one who visits here once is never reborn. The one who worships here gets to possess Land.