Kamandalu Tirtha [Canto 33]

Reborn by the grace of sage Agasti, Garuda realised his childishness. He sincerely regretted his childishness before Lord Bramha. Even Bramhadev realised that he himself had blessed Garuda and offered him as mounting of Lord Vishnu. He forgave his foolishness and showered few more blessings on Garuda. Bramhadev left shatshrunga mountain and went to Satyaloka. Lord Bramhadev had kept his Kamandalu (oblong) on one peak of Shata Shrunga mountain. He lifted the Kamandalu but the shape of Kamandalu remained on the peak. This place is known as Kamandalu Tirtha. Spectacle of this Tirtha is that one always finds water on this barren mountain peak all round the year. It is around two kilo meters from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.