Shatashrunga Parvat [Canto 32]

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Shatashrunga Parvat [Canto 32]

Three mountains earned fame due to adobe of supreme power. Mountain Shata-shrunga, due to residence of Lord Bramha. Mountain Indranil, due to residence of Lord Vishnu. Mountain Kailas, due to residence of Lord Mahesh. One day Garuda, King of Eagles and cousin of Snakes, hunted two powerful Snakes whose names were Sumukha and Durmukha. He was looking for a quite place to feast. He reached top of one mountain peak.

Suddenly he saw down and was astonished to see the beauty of the Mountain. The mountain was full of lust green trees, loaded with different flowers and fruits, variety of creepers, beautiful pounds and valleys. This distraction of a flash of a second resulted in loss of Snake Durmukh. Durmukha fell from his jaws.

Garuda jumped after him. Durmukh vanished in the deep forest. Garuda searched for him but in vain. Enraged Garuda flew a little bit and in one jerk, he lifted the whole Shata-shrunga Mountain on his wings. This act of Garuda disturbed the penance of Lord Bramhadev. Bramhadev got angry and he kept weight of whole universe on the wings of Garuda. Powerful and the mightiest the Garuda was, he still could not carry the weight. He started falling from the Sky to Sea. He realised that this was his end and he was going to get drowned. Fear stricken he looked around.

All of a sudden he saw Hermitage of Sage Agasthi. He requested him to save his Life. Sage Agasthi realised the God’s wish and moved the Shata-shrunga mountain from the wings of Garuda and made it land safely on the south side of Rudra Yoni. This is the Hermitage of Sage Agasthi, Amruteshwar Linga consecrated by him and the Tirtha.


Shata means a hundred and Shrunga means horns, the mountain with hundred peaks like Shrunga is called as Shata-shrunga. During the episode two peaks fell in Arabian Sea, while balance fell on the south side of Gokarna realm.

The Shata-shrunga Mountain had two Hundred Lacs pious and auspicious pilgrimage Tirtha Kundas of Gods (ponds). One Hundred Lacs fell in Sea while the balance unified and formed in to a Lake. This is that Lake known as Koti Tirtha. As per mythology one prayer multiplies itself in to one crore, so does one donation. In the centre of this Koti Tirtha there is a Shivlinga known as Koteshwar.