Amruteshwar, Saraswati Tirtha and Savitri Tirtha [Canto 30]

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Amruteshwar, Saraswati Tirtha and Savitri Tirtha [Canto 30]

Lord Bramhadev developed saliva during penance. He could neither swallow it nor throw it out and from this juice Saraswati was born. She is Goddess of knowledge, music, art and science. Bramhadev asked her to divide herself in to two forms namely a river and personification of a Goddess. In the form of Goddess, Saraswati served Bramhadev. After some time the Goddess Saraswati left Lord Bramhadev.

She was reborn as child of Daksha. She came to Gokarna realm along with Savitri. She consecrated a Shivalinga, created a Tirtha Kunda and started penance. Lord Bramhadev was very much pleased by her deep and long penance. He bestowed her that she will remain forever on the tongue of every soul in the cosmos. On Dusshera day if one takes bath in the Saraswati pond and worships her Shivlinga he attains intellect and oratory.


This is the Saraswatishwar Linga and Saraswati Tirtha and it is near to Lord Mahabaleshwar and Dwi Bhuja Ganapati temple.

During the continuous penance of Lord Bramhadev Vedas were born. Rugved was born from his mouth facing east, Samved from his south face, Yajurved from his west face and Atharva Ved from his north face. All the four Vedas tried to come together and from their union, Savitri, support of Bramhadev and Mother of Brahmins appeared. She was engrossed in singing. Lord Bramhadev said “ Oh! Goddess Savitri you shall be known as Gayatri, as well as you are singing “. He addressed her to go to Gokarna realm to undertake penance. This is the place where Savitri performed penance and is known as Savitri Tirtha. Shivlinga consecrated by her is yet to be traced, so are the Shivlinga’s of four Vedas.