Vidhut Papstahali (Canto 28-29)

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Vidhut Papstahali (Canto 28-29)

While Bramhadev was deep in penance , Surabhi, the first cow was born. She created ocean of milk (Kshir Sagar). Gods and Demons churned this Ocean. They used Serpent King Vasuki as a cord and Mount Mandar as a churner. Amrut (Nectar) kept by Indra King of Gods, a divine Shivlinga kept by Mahavishnu, Black Poison (Kal Kuta) drank by Maheshwar, Uchhaisharva horse taken by God Indra etc. released from the churning.

Surabhi asked Bramhadev for a permanent place of her residence. Bramhadev asked her to visit Lord Shankar. Shankar was engrossed deep in penance in Patal. Surabhi went to Patal and urged him. Lord Shankar asked her to perform penance at Gokarna realm. Accordingly she came to Gokarna. She took a form of a woman and found a place which had a shape of a plate i.e. Sthali. During this penance she succeeded in reclaiming divine Shivlinga emerged during churning from Mahavishnu. She continued with her ascetic life. After ages and ages of meditation, Lord Shankar and Lord Vishnu were pleased and blessed her that the Shivlinga shall be known as Surbheshwar Linga. They also bestowed her that now on Cow milk shall be used for performing Puja of Gods and havya of dead Ancestors.

After this Surabhi vanished in the adjoining Sea. As per mythology, she visits this Surbheshwar Linga on mid afternoon of Gods day and midnight of Gods night. One who performs obsequies (death rites) for his ancestors and donates in their name, succeeds in expatiation of sins of his ancestors.

Vidhyut means washing, Pap means Sins and hence the name of the place is Vidhyut Papsthali, the one who washes and cleans sins. This is the Vidhut Pap sthali of Gokarna realm. This is on the way to sea from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.