Tamra Gouri ( Canto 27 )

While Lord Bramhadev was in deep penance, a woman appeared in two forms namely a river and personification of a Goddess. Bramhadev told her that she be wife of Lord Shankar. In search of her husband she came to Gokarna. She descended upon Tamra Parvat (Copper Mountain). Her name was Gauri and as she was wandering over the Tamra Parvat, she was known as Tamra Gauri “. This is the standing deity Tamra Gauri in Gokarna realm. She is holding a balance in her hands. As per mythology she is weighing piousness and holiness of Gokarna vis-à-vis Varanasi. And the balance reflects, that every time she finds power of Gokarna a little bit supreme over that of Varanasi . 

This temple is on the rear side of Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.


Opposite to Tamra Gouri temple there is a pond closed by door. This is known as Tamra Kunda and if a Aasthi bones of dead are immersed in this pond, the dead remains in Heaven till the Aasthis remain in pond and the dead gets a rebirth as a King when the Aasthis move out of this pond and meet sea water. Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in Tamra Kunda. This is the Tamra Kunda of Gokarna realm.