Skandeshwar Subrahmanya
( Canto 24)


Skand, the elder son of Lord Shankar, went to meet his father, who was on Kailash mountain along with wife Parvati. Lord Shankar asked his son to hurry and reach Gokarna, as within three days the whole universe was to fall in the jaws of a catastrophe (Pralaya). He further told him that during this time of cataclysm, it is only Gokarna realm which shall be imperishable. Skand was very curious to know, why of all the places, Lord Shankar directed him to go only to Gokarna. Lord’s reply is nothing but what Gokarna Purana is about.


As per his father’s commands Skand came to Gokarna, built a hermitage, a Tirtha Kunda and consecrated a Shivlinga in Rudra Yoni. He engrossed himself in a deep penance for ages together. Pleased by his obeisance Lord Shankar emerged before him and bestowed on him power to kill Tarakasur. This is the hermitage where Skand practiced the asceticism in Gokarna realm. This is near Rudra Bhumi.