Reincarnation of Gokarna (Parshuram) [Canto 19] :

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Reincarnation of Gokarna (Parshuram) [Canto 19] :

Mad for Stallion, the sixty thousand Sons of King Sagar haphazardly dug the Earth. The tumultuous waves and tempests of Sea drowned the holy and pious Gokarna realm. Few peaks of Shatshrung Mountain Range were just visible.

This forced, Saints and Sages to approach Lord Bramhadev for solace. Bramhadev said,“ retreating Sea is not a job of a common man. Only Parshuram, son of Renuka and Jamadagni the sixth avatar of Vishnu can do it. He will not look at you, till he completes a Yagnya called Vishwajeet. Sage Kashyap shall be the head priest of this Yagnya. After completion of this Yagnya, Parshuram shall bequeath the entire earth to Kashyap. You should take the help of Sage Kashyap and convinence Parshuram to resolve your distress.”

Assured of a solution, the Saints and Sages waited patiently for completion of Vishwajeet Yagnya. After which they approached Parshuram. Warrior Sage Parshuram conceded to their request and went near the Sea. He fought back the advancing waters demanding Varuna to release Sahayadri Khanda. Varuna Dev surrendered before Parshuram and agreed to return as much land as wished by Parshuram. Parshuram took out his axe by which he had annihilated the Kshatriya clan, 21 times.   He threw it in the Sea and marked the area of land stretching from Gokarna to southernmost tip of India. Sea Water retreated beyond the marking line drawn by the axe. Land rose again.

Curious Parshuram visited Gokarna realm. He was enchanted by it’s celestial splendor, purification powers. He consecrated a ShivLinga in the name of his Father Jamadagni. Pleased Lord Shankar by performing deep penance. This is the well known Jamadagneshwar temple at Gokarna. It is around one and half kilo meter from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.