Rudra Bhumi [Canto 9] :

Temporary pacification by Bhoomi had not calmed Lord Shankar. He was boiling with fury. He wished to take vengeance on Bramhadev and he created millions and millions of destructive and deadly warriors called as ‘Gana’s’. He ordered these “Ganas” to destroy the cosmos created by Bramhadev.

Lord Narayana intervened at this stage. He convinced him not to do so instantaneously. He assured him of his right to use the destructive power at the time of deluge (Pralaya). Since then, benediction of the place where Lord Shankar stood to destroy the cosmos, is made as “Rudra Bhumi” .

This is the Rudrabhumi (Cemetery) of Gokarna realm. This is the place where sins of the dead get cremated along with his body. This is after Pitrusthali, between Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple and Sea. This is five minutes’ walk from Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple on the right turn towards sea.