Aadi Gokarna [Canto 8]

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Aadi Gokarna [Canto 8] :

Let us first bow to Lord Narayan, the originator of cosmos. In Sanskrit Naar means water and Ayayan means abode, in other words, the one who abodes in water is called as “ Narayan”.

Slumber of Narayan, the originator breaks up by sudden consciousness and a lotus blossoms from his navel. Bramhadev emerges on this Lotus. So, he is called the creator. The Originator orders the Creator to build a Cosmos (Bramhand). To acquire powers to create a cosmos, Bramhadev engrosses himself in deep penance. Yuga’s passed and lapse of time made Bramhadev very angry. This anger gave birth to a child from his forehead. The newly born was crying. Bramhadev asked him in Sanskrit “Kim Ruda? “i.e Why are you crying ? He named the crying boy as Rudra.

Bramhadev asked Rudra to divide himself in ten forms. The eleventh form is known as Shankar. Bramhadev found Lord Shankar fit for the job of creating cosmos. He ordered him to do so. Shankar went deep down in the Patal and started his penance.

Around Three yuga’s passed and still meditation of Shankar continued. Bramhadev suddenly realised that Shankar’s cosmos shall be filled with only one quality. Bramhadev wanted three qualities, namely purity & goodness (Satvik), action and passion (Rajas), Ignorance and Inertia (Tamas). Thus he created a three dimensional (triguni) cosmos, containing all three qualities. To represent these three qualities, Bhramadev created Gods, Demons, Pitars (Dead Souls) and Human Beings. He also created Plants, Trees, Creepers, Flying Birds, Snakes, Animals etc.

This fact did not remain a secret for long. One day it reached the ears of Lord Shankar. Lord Shankar got very furious and with a lightning speed he started travelling upwards from Patal to Bramhaloka.

Bhoomi (Mother Earth) was terrified by the thundering noise and she started trembling with fear. Somehow she mustered courage and stood in the way of speeding Lord Shankar. She pleaded, “Oh my Lord, I am a woman and more so, a frightened one. I am at the risk of destruction and I will be shattered into pieces without any fault of mine. So please forgive me”.

Her fearful but innocent pleading moved Lord Shankar. He asked if she had any wishes. Bhoomi requested him to move out slowly from a tiny hole in her ear. She also requested him to take a tiny form (Angushta Matra). Lord Shankar conceded to her request and came out of Bhoomi’s ear.

After coming out, Lord Shankar showered blessings on Bhoomi. He said Bhoomi one of your names is “Go” and as I came out of your karna (ear), this place where I emerged shall be known, as Gokarna. He also said, I am as good as born here and hence this place shall also be known as “Rudra Yoni”

Sages (Rishis) consecrated a ShivaLinga at the point of emergence and It is this Shivlinga in Gokarna realm, known as “Aaadi Gokarna

It is on the right side of Lord Mahabaleshwar temple. One has to climb down six steps to see it.